July 19, 2024


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Ron G Productions, Inc.

Let Ron G Productions, Inc., Give You The High-Quality, World-class productions You Deserve

W e’re all about new sounds, creative music, event, concert productions, and promotions.
Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Ron G Productions, Inc. (RGP), is an entertainment company with outstanding credentials. The company’s mission is to promote musical concerts and other entertainment events to the public and provide expertise to various clients.
Through its specialty relationships with the entertainment industry, RGP provides entertainment and utilizes its comprehensive range of marketing techniques to achieve success for its clients. This includes clients for TV / Radio Commercials, Public Service Announcment (PSA), Voice Over’s, etc.
Great events have a great look, feel and style. RGP employs some of the best talent in the area to achieve sucess for its clients.
RGP asks:
Do you want a Celebrity or Locals to sing at your wedding, funerals, etc.? or How about hire the best singers / band’s / models around? or to invest in Shows(Concerts)? How About Chemicals (Audio & Video) for your business ..?

Feel free to E~Mail Ron G Productions@Gmail.com and someone will reply ASAP,
Phone numbers are provided upon request,
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