May 25, 2024


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Prince George’s County Executive & Continued Community Loyalty, Even In the Face of Coronavirus

C ounty Executive Angela Alsobrook’s response to the coronavirus has been incredibly outstanding. Her effort has been in keeping with her passion for the well-being of PG community residents before she was voted into this position.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, the county executive and her team have relentlessly put in place so many initiatives to ensure PG community residents are safe. These initiatives range from encouraging citizens to check in on their neighbors to ensuring school age children and seniors have food. Some of the recent activities include: Setting up transit operators to help pick up and deliver food to seniors, county collaborations with Capital Area Food Bank that hosted three pop-up pantries and fed over 600 families in less than 35 minutes, teleconferences to answer questions about the virus and preparedness, and the list goes on.

The most recent action she has taken is to declare a state of emergency in the county, a swift response to Governor Larry Hogan’s Monday order to address Maryland to curb the spread of new coronavirus cases. The county executive stated that she wants the safety of her residents during the course of this pandemic by ensuring she gets the necessary resources to do this important work. Included in her rolled out plan of action is: the prohibition of all utilities from shutting off residential customers and the eviction of tenants.