April 20, 2024


MAGAZINE – WE Help Tell Folk Stories



As a WEN partner, you reinforce the enduring and noble principles, philosophies, and practices of African ancestors, “It takes a village to …”, by becoming one of several cultural champions to fight this offer hope to the vulnerable with WEN. There are several activities you can choose from below.

As a collaborator, your role is to assist WEN in making independent decisions. Included in your role is assisting WEN in the selection criteria process of victims to assist.

NOTE: If you and or your organization, institution, group, association, business, etc., (thereafter referred to as entity), select the activity of collecting items/supplies, your name will be displayed on the package label as the Donating entity and WEN as the organizing entity.
This ensures WEN’s accountability, trustworthiness, and ethical platform that gives you the satisfaction and rest of mind of working with a credible organization.


  1. Complete the below form and submit
  2. Email your logo along with your website’s URL (if you have one) [to use in our upcoming page on our partners].


Stakeholders are included in the project charter and also eligible to be on the project board level. Stakeholders are of different levels. They receive reports every often. The type of project status updates sent to them depend on the stakeholder category they belong to.
Consent: By checking this field, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement and agree to the terms therein.

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